Outsell Women’s Conference: Follow the Pioneers

Anthea Stratigos
2 min readMay 8, 2019

One of the things I love about the Outsell Women’s Conference is the focus on tangible advice and earning but through story and the power of stories. People live and learn through lore. It’s how we’re wired and it’s often what motivates and inspires us.

This year’s event will be chock full of stories and advice. Two I’m particularly excited about are the journeys of Kelly Lake and Lara Boro.

Kelly Lake, CEO at CEB

Kelly is the CEO of Continuing Education of the Bar with a rich history and background. She’s going to talk about ‘crossing the divide’ and tell her lessons learned and inspirations along the way.

Lara Boro, CEO

Lara, who recently announced her appointment as CEO of The Economist Group one of our industry’s most iconic brands. Lara too has an amazing background and lessons along the way which she will share.

Both promise to bring us to the edge of our seats and paint the picture of overcoming obstacles, taking matters into their own hands, and going where few women have gone before. I love each of these women as individuals, as professionals, as colleagues, and friends. They have amazing lessons for us to heed and advice to share.

Come join the journey at the Outsell Women’s Conference. We promise to leave you with actionable advice and a desire to make a difference in our industry. Promote yourself, promote women. Promote gender diversity and D&I in the c-suite overall. Cannot wait to see you there and have you sit with Lara and Kelly to advance the business of our industry and more so its talent.

Seats are limited, register today!

Anthea Stratigos

Anthea Stratigos is a Silicon Valley CEO, wife, mother, public speaker, and writer, among many other passions and pursuits. She is Co-founder & CEO of Outsell.