Say It Ain’t So — Mommy Got Fired?

I’d hate to be HUB right now. Yes, they’ve transferred 12,000 employees home, and no, I don’t know the bosses’ side of the picture. But what I do know is that no CEO or board of directors wants their corporate name spread all over heck and back because some dufus of a supervisor fired a mother of young kids because they could be heard in the background of her sales calls.

Put together these words: pandemic, work from home, single parent, toddler and infant, and sales job. It’s a nightmare for any man or woman trying to hold down the fort raising a family while also trying to hold down a job. It’s impossible. We need more compassion right now and fewer firings. Even if this woman’s performance were failing, well, hello — anyone home? You offer help. You don’t fire people. And if her performance was okay, then shame on the supervisor. You don’t fire someone because their kids can be heard in the background. Not in this day and age, and certainly not now.

I’m a big believer that there are always two sides to any story. When people divorced, my mom used to say: “You never know what goes on behind closed doors.” You don’t take sides. But one thing that’s essential right now is to give parents working from home a break.

HUB — fix this fast, please. Firing for any reason besides ethical breaches — meaning lying, cheating, stealing, spreading toxic politics, etc. — isn’t okay. Especially now. Especially now. Got that?

Anthea Stratigos is a Silicon Valley CEO, wife, mother, public speaker, and writer, among many other passions and pursuits. She is Co-founder & CEO of Outsell.