The Outsell Signature Event: Connecting Contributors, Clients, and Community to Accelerate Business

As we continue on our theme, Case Studies in Execution: Delivering Tomorrow’s Solutions at The Outsell Signature Event, co-produced with JEGI, we are thrilled to announce Michael Crosby, President & CEO of Leadership Connect session, Connecting Contributors, Clients, and Community to Accelerate Business.

Leadership Connect has been re-platforming their data efforts and choosing a great model of ‘old school/new school’. The old school is an old media model of “controlled circ”. They are cutting deals with certain organizations in order for them to be a contributed data source. For example, the Senate (leaders, staff, committees) is an important target for their clients (lobbyists, large tech, Fortune 500 government affairs…). So, they’ve set up the Senate and all staffers as “users” in order to track those ‘users’ and have them act as a Contributed data feed.

They’ve then married that with ‘new school’ thinking by syncing their Contributors with Clients with Community Members (those they track) and pair that with pretty sophisticated change detection. Over time they’ll move from rapid prototyping to RPA another interesting evolution. Their 3C model (Contributors, Clients, Community Members) is really interesting. Traditional media have elements of this, but they are more catch as catch can, rather than a top-down approach. Michael’s organization is creating a virtuous circle that others haven’t yet fully taken advantage of in their verticals.

Michael’s session will leave you thinking more holistically about your sources of data/content and clients allowing you to look for creative ways to marry them together and look to the future and attempt to create competitive barriers along with regulatory proofing your business.

Register today — seats are limited. We look forward to seeing you at The Watergate Hotel in Washington DC.

Anthea Stratigos is a Silicon Valley CEO, wife, mother, public speaker, and writer, among many other passions and pursuits. She is Co-founder & CEO of Outsell.